Monday, 4 January 2010

Top five faves in Cologne

New year's resolutions are a bit boring - and you never manage to keep them anyway. So how about sharing your top five fave "things" in Cologne? All you dormant authors out there - why not post yours after mine? And the rest of you - post a comment - maybe we can compile a best of Cologne tips page! Here are mine (in no particular order):

ECCO cafe/restaurant (next to the post office behind Chlodwigplatz)
This place does a truly superb breakfast/brunch menu and the prices are pretty reasonable - especially when you see the size of the portions. Great for a quiet coffee, breakfast or lunch, and in the evening it's a laid back bar.
Ecco, Kartäuserwall 7, 50678 Köln

Fiffi Bar
Although this place has moved from it's once "secret" location on Roland Strasse - it's not lost it's charm. Fiffi Bar is a doggy bar (not dodgy) - doggy cocktails, doggy deco and a doggy mascot - but that's as far as the doggy theme goes - the clientele are pure, cool Südstadt.
Galama-Bar Köln, Severinswall 35, 50678 Köln.

The beaches around Rodenkirchen (in summer)
Who needs the sea when you've got the Rhine? And who needs white sandy beaches when you've got Rodenkirchen and it's shady coves and golden sand. You can swim, sunbathe, grill or just watch the boats go by. Cycle down from the city and it only takes 20 minutes to be "down on the beach".

Il Gelato ice cream on Goltsteinstrasse
And on the way back - stop at the best ice cream shop in town. Il Gelato has an ice professor who dreams up amazing concoctions in the back of the shop and then sells them to an ever increasing fan base - be prepared to queue on a Sunday.
Eiscafe IL Gelato, Goltsteinstrasse 32, 50968 Köln.

Rathenauer platz beer garden (in spring/summer)
With or without kids - this beer garden (with playground) is really the perfect place to hang out over the summer. Great cafe, good beer, free ice-cubes on straws for the kids (believe me - a kids summer highlight) and even decent food - check it out.

(Five isn't really enough is it....)