Friday, 29 January 2010

Writers ....

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There are quite allot of authors who seem a little stuck.
So I'm thinking about having another meet up for ESC authors (or people that want to become one).

One of the most common concerns, apart from all the technical mumbo jumbo (which ain't hard honest), is usually who wants to read what I've got to say. ....

We'll I would for one!

I meet a lot of interesting people out and about in Cologne.

  • Shah, the acty, singy, rocky one.
  • The (other one) who's name sounds like a type of Mexican food. (I mean Nachi - [just checked], it is helpful when your icon is your face).
  • Sarah Sarah, Sara? The new face [not here yet I don't think] - speaky voicey American.
  • Clayton: the biggest twelve year old with a Phd.
  • James: yes you James!
  • Et etc ....
You're all interesting!

What would I write about? ....
That's kind of up to you, but I keep meeting interesting people, doing interesting things, and I think that if more of them wrote here, that this whole English Speaking Cologne thing would be more kind of .....  .... well, more interesting!

If you ARE an author for the site already, or curious about becoming one then give a shout out in the comments.

If enough people speak up we'll organise a jolly night out, .... maybe with some food. That might be fun!

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