Monday, 29 March 2010

Comedy Night 14 April 2010

Hollywood's Comedy nights are putting together a show in April.
Lets' get a crowd of ESC people together for a night at Flanagan's on Altermarkt.

Johnny Hollywood  Casey  David Cassel  Steve Dix  James Allan

David Cassell ..... (Canada)
Bengt Washburn ...(US)
Brad Bowen .......(US)
Steve Dix ...........(UK)
Casey James .......(US)
James Allan ........(UK)

Special Surprise Guest : Dave Thompson.

And of course, your genial host, Johnny Hollywood himself!

Note: If you add "ESC" to your booking you will get in at a discounted price! Don't forget to sign in and RSVP would be nice to see who's going! :-)

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