Saturday, 20 March 2010


The night out last Wed' night started a bit flat, but if something doesn't go quite as planned the best thing to do is just adapt.
A few of us went with a suggestion Flo made, to pop over to the Metronome, which is a small jazz bar I'd not been to before.

The Metronome is a gem of a place: tiny, narrow, deep, dark.. It really does love music, with most of the space behind the bar devoted to vinyl rather than stacks of bottles.

You don't have to be a jazz nut to feel comfort in the Metronome, the music, was great but isn't too loud or overbearing and the cosy atmosphere really engenders conversation.
Acording to Flo it's pretty much always full, so it might take a while before you get to sit down. I took this "stand up time" to enjoy all the artwork and music related memorabilia which is hung on the walls.

At first glance I thought the walls were painted a dark brown colour, but on closer inspection you can see by the lighter shadow that it's actually years of life as a well frequented bar. This place has a real history, it isn't the product of a trendy re-design.

The other striking thing was the clientele. There were young hip trendy types, but also no shortage of older characters, also with style. To be honest everyone there was very well turned out in their own way. (Wonder if the woman who does that "Dressing differently" blog has been there?)

Sadly, as I've "lost" my camera recently the pictures I came away with aren't good, but trust me, if you want to try out a venue, that's quite central, where you can easily while away a few hours then this one should be high on your list.

I will make a point of going back to the Metronome every now and then with a few freinds. I've also made an oath to get about a bit more and see what other hidden gems Cologne has to offer.

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