Friday, 23 April 2010

At a loose end? Want to hook up?

Short notice meet-up!
Couldn't make it out to TNDC last night and have just found out I'm at a loose end tonight.

Fancy hooking up with some people to enjoy a drink in town, a bite to eat or maybe a trip to the movies.

If you would like to meet people late afternoon early evening today (23rd April 2010) then either...

Leave a comment on this post below.
@qwallis or @english_cologne (Twitter).
Leave a comment on Buzz (best for updates but only Gmail)
Comment on the ESC Facebook.

.... or all of them.

Hopefully we can get a few people together (would be a shame to waste the good weather.

No set agenda yet: add your suggestions as to where & when etc with your comment.
Let's make it happen!

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