Saturday, 17 April 2010

Author attribution on ESC with @anywhere

English Speaking Cologne is a project for the English speaking community in and around Cologne, but one of the problems up to now has been author attribution for posts hasn't been that clear.

I have looked for ways to better attribute each post to the authors.

In the old version of Blogger there was a dedicated tag to do this, but since Blogger major revamp a while back it hasn't been that easy.
Yesterday I added @anywhere so that Twitter usernames produce a "hover card" automatically.

This means that if any authors are on twitter they just need to change their Blogger name to their twitter username (including the @) and each of their posts will have something like "posted by @qwallis or @english_cologne under the post.

Also any other twitter names used will show a twitter hover card in the post body too.

The downside is if you have any other Blogger blogs, as the username will display there too: but you could always use @anywhere on those blogs you show your twitter information there!

p.s. I'm also working to put a post to twitter box on the twitter page. It's there, but I haven't ironed out the wrinkles just yet. Hope to have that fully functional soon.