Saturday, 17 April 2010

Night out #1 April-17-01

So I've landed at Oasis, which is across the river from the Dom.

We'll grab a bite to eat and be here for a while.
Come down and join us: @drakonen Sarah (not the new one) and @qwallis

Let's see who else comes as the night goes on. I'll leave a comment when we move on to the next stop.

[from mobile] @qwallis

EditThere was not fixed plan for the night.
The idea was only to try and get some people together and offer everyone a chance to meet some new people.
Trying to coordinate takes allot of jumping back and forth online: but I'm happy to do that if anyone starts a "Short notice social meet up" (which is still what members say they are most interested in).

If you would like to set up an event through ESC with more time in advance then send the details for the calendar. Note: that just sends the details in: someone has to actually add them. If you'd like to add stuff often ask to become a calendar editor.