Saturday, 8 May 2010

Eating out 1#

I'll be eating out in Cologne tonight and would welcome some suggestions as to where to go.
Would be Very Happy for people to join me (or let me join them) too!
Image credit: altemark - Flickr
Image credit: altemark
I'm hoping to meet up with Harald, who's already indicated on the comment wall when I asked earlier, that he'd be up for going out.

Anyone else want to join us or just suggest where to go that's good but reasonable for food tonight in Cologne?

As a fall back I / we'll probably head to Ni Hao, which was good the last time I went but would be good to get some suggestions and meet more people!

Sitting down to eat around 8pm would be good: I'm happy to start the evening NOW: who's up for a "meet and eat"?

Edit: Evening round-up.
Met Antony and Justin @ Neumarkt, Went to Bieresel, beer + food, went to Jamesons met Dede, Naomi arrived, more drinking, Dede moved on, Harald arrived, went to Bar one (?) cocktails, went to a flat* got home** at 5:20(ish)

Result:A good night, head's a bit fuzzy today, but not too bad.

*undisclosed location *home?

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