Friday, 21 May 2010

Large and small meet up

Kids meet up : Date: Sat' 22nd May -
Time: around midday - Location: Rathenauplatz

One of the reasons I started English Speaking Cologne is because I wanted my son to have the chance to meet other children who are also growing up with exposure to English as their first or second language.
As the weather looks like it might hold out let's meet up and get the kids together!

I'd suggest Rathenauplatz for the meet-up location, as it's reasonably central, the playground is large enough and the beer garden gives the grown-ups somewhere nice to sit and chat.

I know a few people who might be able to come and also a few people who can't make it this time :(
It's an open invitation, feel free to pass the info on!

Note: If you don't have kids you're still free to join us. This is the first attempt though for a meet up for kids.

If you are coming please leave a comment so we know who to look out for. Thanks!

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