Friday, 7 May 2010


This post isn't just showing off what I (@qwallis) had for dinner it was prompted by the word: Mahlzeit
Now I'm working with other people rather than on my own I hear "Mahlzeit!" often ... like lots!
I can't think of a word or term that's used in quite the same way in English.
"Mahlzeit is a German salutation, which is used during lunchtime. It descended from a more formal salutation and is the short form of "Gesegnete Mahlzeit" (archaic term, de: blessed meal). Mahl is the German word for meal. Mahlzeit is the German word for meal time.
The salutation is pretty common and is used with or without connection to food or eating."
It's the usage of Mahlzeit! as people pass us when we're standing outside for a smoke at (seemingly) all times of the day that always make s me smile most.

I do try to respond Mahlzeit! with equal enthusiasm: maybe it's a word that will always be a bit obscure to me.
p.s. For dinner I had Kaiserschmarrn.