Saturday, 8 May 2010

Movie Night - Iron Man 2

I've talked to a few people who say they would be interested in a movie night, and Harald posted on the ESC Facebook page so let's see if we can get it together!

Don't know at this point what we'll end up seeing.
Elaine suggested Iron Man 2
@ the Metropolis - show starting 20:20

I'll update this post to confirm what we'll be seeing, what the exact times are and where we'll meet up!

We'll meet @ Jameson's (TNDC's venue) for a drink (I'll be there from earlyish) and head off in time for the showing.

I hope people take the time to RSVP.

Do also RSVP if you are NOT going, then your friends on ESC will see that you can't make it (you can say why e.g. "I'm away!" if you wish as a comment on the post.

Cheers. Robert (@qwallis]
Update #2: Some meeting for food earlier. Check the Buzz post too.
Buzz post

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