Monday, 17 May 2010

Union-Jack parcel tape

I've been thinking of doing a little "off line" promotion for English Speaking Cologne ...
Not having deep enough pockets for proper flyers, I thought the best (read: cheapest / easiest) way to go about it might be with the standard paper pull offs. The kind of grass skirt type affair which are common for "seeking flat" kind of notices.

To jazz things up though I thought some Union-Jack tape would be useful, but I'm having a hard time tracking something down.

I wrote to one firm over a week ago and didn't hear anything back. Hoping I'll have more luck with the one I've just written to (where the images come from): but idealy it would be better to get something locally.

Anyone know where to get tape printed around Cologne or maybe even some nutty shop that might have some in stock? I've been to the "English Shop" already: no luck there.

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