Thursday, 3 June 2010

More Observations on German Culture

If you shared the heartbreak when the Belgian grocery chain Delhaize closed its doors in Cologne last Fall, you might be interested in a post I wrote on the subject as a sort of valediction for all the yumminess that was lost. In particular, you might be interested in the theories of a couple of German readers about why Delhaize closed. In the post, I included what I'd heard from a few of my local colleagues: that German tastes were so profoundly shaped by the post-war period that they literally couldn't care less about tasty, attractive food.

But in the comments section, a lively discussion ensued in which a few German readers proposed alternative explanations, including economic and brand nationalism in da Faddaland. I found it fascinating, and I thought some of my fellow expats might appreciate the insights as well. Plus, one enterprising commentator purports to have found a salad bar in this country--a find for which I have offered a €100 bounty, which has gone unclaimed for the past three years.

You might also be interested in the discussion surrounding an earlier post on the German medical system, which generated lots of commentary from readersn in other countries--particularly the US. The follow-up post, about the problem with prescription medicines in Germany, may also ring a bell with those of you who have puzzled over the nur auf Deutsch directions on the package.

I'm pulling all these thoughts about expat life in Germany together in this post since I'm moving to Denmark in a few weeks, after almost four years here (I cannot believe I survived this long!). Many thanks to Robert for creating this online expat community!

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