Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Thursday Night Drinks Cologne

A regular English-speaking meetup in Cologne, Germany.

All are welcome. Native English speakers, people who like speaking English, ex-pats, residents, travellers passing through - come join us for Thursday Night Drinks.

The meet up location varies from week to week and is posted at Thursday Night Drinks Cologne topic on ToyTown

Leaving a comment is a nice way to let people you are going (or not) and "bumps the post in the site activity stream too :-)


  1. Hey i'm moving to Koln next year and i would like some advice on how good my German needs to be to live and work out there. Once i make it i'll be sure to join :)

    1. If you have *some* German you'll be fine. The better it is the easier time you'll have.

      You can "get by" with nothing or not very much at all, but finding work in a particular field will be almost impossible if you don't speak German at a reasonable level.