Friday, 11 June 2010

WC2010: England vs. U.S.A. - Sat. 12 June, 20:30

Wow. It's that time already. :)

Fancy meeting up for England vs. U.S.A.?

If the weather is good, the plan is to meet at Aachener Weiher Beer Garden which is here.

Update: due to the weather forecast and feedback I've had it's the pub:

If the weather's looking threatening we can go to Jameson Irish pub, which has lots of screens and is here.

Myself ( @BrightEyesDavid ) and my girlfriend will be there from about 19:00 ready the 20:30 kick off with a Union Jack (don't have a St. George one) and a cider. We'll probably have a meal there before the match so feel free to join us for that.