Saturday, 13 November 2010

Silly Billy's

What can you do in Cologne to keep the kids entertained when the weather is awful? One option is "Silly Billy's". Nothing too classy nothing to slick, it's basically a large barn packed full of stuff for kids ( and the young at heart) to bounce and climb on.


Parents who feel the need to *see* what's going on can set up camp in one of the areas in the hall with tables and chairs: the more sane grown ups will take refuge in the cafe area (tip: take you own food or eat before you go), the really clever ones take a book.
Silly Billy's isn't something you'll want to do every weekend: but when it's wet and cold it is somewhere where one can take "the little darlings" to let off steam.
Hundreds of sweaty red faced smalls either enjoying themselves or balling their eyes out after the inevitable bodily injuries. Call it heaven or call it hell, one thing is certain they'll sleep well the night after.

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