Saturday, 8 October 2011


Since moving to Ehrenfeld last year I've walked past Neptunbad daily and had vowed that sooner or later I'd find the time to check it out.
Turns out it was "later" (seven months) before we found the time, but last week Flo' and I took advantage of a kid free weekend and mustered enough courage to climb the steps and spend four hours in aquatic heaven.

Neptunbad was opened in 1912 as the first modern public bath in Cologne-Ehrenfeld.

I'm not sure if the building was damaged or not during the wars, but it has some interesting historical bits & bobs on the outside, the main doors are heavy iron.

As we were only going for a sauna we were shepherded right  and didn't see the whole of the inside of the building. Indeed much of the wet bit is obviously recently built including most (all?) of the spa area, where you can swim and bake yourself to your hearts delight.

Here's some old footage.

The decor swings between Japan and India, with Mt Fuji featuring prominently on one wall and a scattering of golden Buddhas. I was surprised to find Rome has been skipped altogether, probably best as it's easy to go overboard with doric columns.


My favourite part of the evening was spent in the Kaiserbad, which is one of the (I'd guess) original features in the central area of the building. Warm, but not hot, dimly lit but not dark: a return to the womb which comes highly recommended.
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