Saturday, 26 October 2013

Send Us Your Cologne Photos!

We'd like to publish more pictures of "life in Cologne"! 

To do this we'd like to enlist our readers (that means you!) as our eyes on the street!

Please read the rest of this article in full, then join in by sending us your "life in Cologne" images.

What kind of images are we after?

Anything reasonable or interesting you'd like to send in. It should be your image: i.e. one you've taken, not one you've "found".

Send in images you've taken, either with a "proper camera", or snaps from your mobile phone.

How does it work?

Email us your images using the link at the bottom of the page.

A couple of points to note on how the images are sent in.
  • Images are sent in by "email" to an unmanned inbox - the image(s) are added to a private album on our Google+ Page. If you have a "title" you would like to be used when (if) the image is published, or would like to be credited you should put the text you would like used in the email subject line. That "captions" the image.
  • Images are sent to our Google+ Page, in a private album. From there we will "share out" the best images sent in to us. If you don't follow the Google+ Page or don't use Google+ don't panic as image sent in that we'll post also go out both on Twitter and Facebook.
Still not sure what to send in?

If you need some inspiration to get you started there are a couple of themes which we will be running as albums. We will be adding images to these albums on an on-going basis. More "themes"can be suggest: please do so in the comments. For now the themes are ...
  • Cologne Hair: The Germans have a special affinity with hair and are not afraid to sport some "interesting" hair styles, colours or modes. Sending in an image for this (currently unpublished) album. Add the text "Cologne Hair" in the email subject line, along with any other information you want included. 
  • Cologne Toilets: Good? Bad? Arty? or off-beat. Snap an image of the toilets or toilet area and send it in. When taking images with your mobile adding geo-location will make the image mapped. Please include the name of the establishment where the toilet picture was taken if possible. 
Things to note: Sending in your pictures means it may be published and or edited in some way. If you don't want it published, edited or unedited don't send it in!


Click here to email us your Cologne reportage image!

p.s. a last note. If you have images in your email signature you may wish to remove them before sending your images in as these will be submitted too. We won't publish anything that looks like an image from an email signature. 

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